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business-planningFor many businesses, losing a key person to illness, disability or worse can be catastrophic. We help businesses minimize this risk and create tax-saving opportunities through corporate/key person insurance and succession planning strategies.

Through group/retirement benefits and health savings plans we also offer great ways to attract and retain key employees.

Business Succession Planning
Do you own a business?
Do you have a clear plan for exiting your business?

Planning for transfer of business (succession) at retirement, disability or death can be a major financial concern. A plan should be in place well in advance of your succession. There are many considerations involved in planning for business succession and it is important that you obtain proper legal, accounting and tax advice. This is why we work with our clients' professional advisors when advising and implementing strategies which will help our clients reach their goals.

Funding Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
A Shareholder's Agreement or Partnership Agreement sets out the rights and obligations of the shareholders or partners, including what happens to the company if a key person dies. This component ensures that the company survives the passing of a key stakeholder and that the family of the stakeholder is properly compensated for his/her stake in the business. An important component of the agreement is the buy-sell provision to allow for transfer of shares in the event of disability, sickness or death. Life insurance, Disability insurance and Critical Illness insurance can all play a vital role in efficiently funding buy-sell agreements.

Corporate-owned Insurance
When business owners purchase insurance, should they own the insurance personally or should the corporation own it? It is a simple question, but the answer may not be a simple one. We have the expertise to determine and make sure that the insurance you have in place or that you purchase is owned in the proper and most efficient manner in relation to your circumstances.

Key Person Insurance
Key people in a business are not readily replaced. There can be delays, income loss and, in some cases, devastation to a business if there is a loss of a key person. Let us show you how we can help you protect your business against such a loss.

Executive Retirement Planning
For many business owners and professionals, RRSP plans alone do not meet retirement needs. We offer a variety of executive retirement planning solutions to supplement your retirement.

Employee Group/Retirement Benefits
Today, businesses operate in a dynamic and very competitive market. Your business depends on the productivity of your employees and it can be a challenge keeping valuable employees. We have a number of solutions that will help your business attract and maintain key employees.